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Big Tech and the City

CityLab talks to Scott Galloway, author of The Four, about why the world’s biggest tech companies depend on cities.
The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan
The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in ManhattanMark Lennihan/AP

CityLab has long chronicled the back-to-the-city movement of startups and technology companies. As that trend has come to full fruition, many voices on this site, including my own, have argued that it’s high time for big tech companies to invest in inclusive prosperity in the cities where they are located and do business.

So it’s only natural that we’d want to talk with Scott Galloway, a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert who is my New York University colleague and author of the much-talked-about new book The Four, which takes a realistic and critical look at the world’s four largest tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook.