Boris Johnson Calls Mogadishu a ‘Thriving’ Capital

Boris Johnson, the British foreign secretary best known for his diplomatic gaffes, committed another eyebrow-raising moment when trying to condemn a fatal bombing in Somalia.

In doing so, in front of lawmakers in Parliament in London, he referred to the battle-ravaged Mogadishu as a “thriving capital city.”

Here was his full statement: “The whole house will wish to join me in condemning the atrocity in Mogadishu on Saturday, which claimed at least 281 lives. Those who inflicted this heinous act of terrorism on a thriving capital city achieved nothing but to demonstrate their own wickedness.”

Earlier, he refused to apologize to his colleagues for a flippant comment he had during the Conservative Party conference about dead bodies needing to be cleared to turn the Libyan port city of Sirte into the next Dubai.

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