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The End of the Job as We Know It?

The relationship between employers and workers has gotten complicated.

Decades ago, if you had a job, it came with the expectation that you owed something to your employer, and your employer owed something to you—for instance, a pension. But that unspoken contract has all but fallen apart. Job security, a feeling of company loyalty, and, for most people, the promise of a pension have largely become things of the past. 

This week on Game Plan, Francesca and Rebecca examine the increasingly tenuous relationship between workers and companies. With the decline of unions, the rise of the so-called gig economy, and the prevalence of contract workers, lots of workers enter a system that promises freedom from corporate America but doesn’t offer much in the way of comfort and advancement. We talk to Rick Wartzman, author of The End of Loyalty: The Rise and Fall of Good Jobs in America, about how we got to this point.

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