Midsize U.S. Sedan Demand Stalls Out to Lowest on Record

Only about one in 10 new cars sold in the U.S. fall into this category

Only about one in 10 new cars sold in the U.S. is a midsize sedan, a sharp decline for the best-selling vehicle segment in 20 of the last 27 years, according to data from car-shopping website Edmunds. Models like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord -- both of which were redesigned this year to counteract the slump -- have slipped to the fifth most popular segment, behind compact SUVs, large trucks, midsize SUVs and compact cars. The trend is unlikely to reverse even if gas prices rise, as nearly a quarter of midsize sedan owners are choosing small SUVs when trading in their wheels. “Once someone gets used to the higher ride, extra space and creature comforts they can get in an SUV, it’s almost a fool’s errand to convince them to go back to a sedan,” said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds executive director of industry analysis.

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