Photographer: Javier Pierini/Photodisc/Getty Images

Why Your Office Is Always the Wrong Temperature

Companies tend to cool their spaces dramatically in the hotter months. That leaves some people shivering, and creates a dilemma for managers.

Every summer, wars over air conditioning erupt in offices across the country. For half the population, it can feel like an icebox inside, even when there's a heat wave outdoors. How hot or cold people feel depends on metabolic rate, sex and size—so for women, the office vents tend to blow air that's too chilly (historically, most businesses have been cooled to a temperature designed for men).

No one temperature suits everyone, and discomfort leads to distraction, complaints and the need for emergency summer sweaters. Plus, managers have to spend time and resources trying to adjust the air to the satisfaction of their most vocal employees. This week on the podcast, Rebecca and Francesca headed to an office that lets everyone control their own desk temperature using a phone app, to see if it's possible to resolve the air conditioning battle, or whether someone's always doomed to be uncomfortable. 

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