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John Mack Takes Bitcoin Where Dread Pirate Feared to Tread

  • Startup to help investors buy and sell digital currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies should be viewed as new asset class, CTO says
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Bitcoin Civil War Could Split the Currency

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The Dread Pirate Roberts was never going to persuade Wall Street to love bitcoin. Maybe John Mack can.

Roberts was the swashbuckler alter ego of Ross Ulbricht, founder of the multimillion-dollar Silk Road online bazaar who’s serving a life sentence for allowing customers to use bitcoin to buy drugs, hacking tools and fake identification. Ulbricht’s was the early, ominous face of the cryptocurrency and no one on Wall Street wanted to touch it. What investors can no longer ignore is the incredible price gains -- almost 150 percent alone this year for bitcoin. Yet the problem of how to buy and sell digital assets while keeping compliance departments happy remains.