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A Rosé Drive-Through and Four Other Ways to Achieve Instant Summer

From a luxe burger kit to beer and bacon s’more ice cream, these are the best new ways to effortlessly summer.

During summer, your leisure pursuits should come easy. Yes, sometimes you need to plan ahead to ensure you have a relaxing weekend, but once you’ve punched out on Friday afternoon, everything you want should be at your fingertips.

That means, if possible, avoiding local food markets—and for God’s sake, liquor stores—in such popular vacation towns as the Hamptons.  Luckily for you, certain high-end purveyors are here to streamline your summer prep as much as possible. 

The Kobe Burger Delivery

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This is turning out to be a very good year to eat red meat, as an expansion in beef production means that steaks and burgers will be almost as inexpensive as chicken and pork. (The long-term environmental consequences remain to be seen.) Notable fine-food purveyors Dean & Deluca have chosen this moment to introduce a Burger & Hot Dog Meal grilling kit, just in time for Memorial Day. The package ($60) includes six, thick Kobe beef burgers and five sausage-sized Kobe hot dogs (there is no rhyme or reason for the mismatched numbers, according to D&D). The kit also includes the store's stout mustard and classic ketchup, plus matching buns and rolls from Hot Bread Kitchen. 

The Summer Grill package is available for overnight delivery across the country, Monday to Friday. (For Memorial Day, get your order in by Thursday.) And if you live in one of the six U.S. cities with a D&D store, the cookout can be even more instantaneous: Just walk in and purchase.  

For customers whose sole focus is burgers, note the Burger Bar Kit: seven varieties of burgers, 16 in all, in options such as Mangalista bacon, lamb, and Wagyu beef ($185; if you're counting, there are additional Berkshire pork and duck burgers). But you’ll have to make a separate trip for the buns.

Woelffer's Rosé Drive-Through, to simplify your life. 
Source: Wolffer Vineyard

The Rosé Drive-Through

If there is a wine that people drink in the summer besides rosé, nobody’s talking about it. (Well, except us.Woelffer Estate, in Sagaponack on Long Island's East End, is a rosé specialist. It produces around 50,000 cases of the stuff a year, and that's still not always enough, as anyone who remembers the Great Rose Shortage of 2014 can attest. This year, Woelffer has made a major step toward streamlining its delivery system: On Memorial Day weekend, winemaker Roman Roth and Woelffer are introducing a Rosé Drive-Through. (The concept will also be in action for the 4th of July and Labor Day.) This means that you can pull into their Wine Stand and swipe your credit card, and a pit crew will race out and stock your trunk with pink wine. If you’re there this weekend, request the Summer In a Bottle offering. Festooned with flowers, the wine was introduced in 2013; it boasts an especially strong, fruity nose and vibrant color that invariably sells out by July.


The Ice Cream Social

Portland, Oregon's Salt & Straw has been a disrupter in the ice cream world since it first opened its doors in 2011. Unofficially known as a “farm-to-cone” operation (sigh), Salt & Straw produces super creamy and sweet ice cream that range in flavor from the simple to the wacky, such as black truffle and white chocolate, or pear with blue cheese. Now, starting in June, owners and cousins Tyler Malek and Kim Malek are introducing a Rescued Food Series, in keeping with the popular "No Waste" zeitgeist. Among the Salt & Straw flavors you can get delivered overnight: Toasted Baguette PB&J and Breakside Brewery’s Spent Grains; Bacon S’mores; and Bourbon Distilled Cherries Ambrosia. Classicists can of course still order their Cinnamon Snickerdoodle and Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, a darkly sweet and savory best-seller. 


A crowd-pleasing cowboy rib-eye. 
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The Caveman Special

One of the country’s iconic food markets is Zingerman’s, based in Ann Arbor, Mich.: It boasts several hundred employees and a business worth about $60 million; roughly $15 million comes from mail orders, with more than half of that generated during the holiday season. Now, with meaty grilling packages, especially grass-fed products, Zingerman’s is giving people a reason to shop at different times of the year, according to Brad Hedeman of Zingerman's Mail Order team. Among the new offerings that can be delivered overnight, to a griller's delight, are the Deluxe Heritage Meat Grill Kit ($300), which provides seven pounds of protein, including an acorn-fed Iberico pork shoulder; a gigantic bone-in, cowboy cut rib-eye; grass fed beef tri-tip; and a couple of heritage pork spareribs. Zingermans Caveman Combo includes a pair of porterhouse pork chops, a grass-fed cowboy cut rib-eye, and ground beef, for $165. All you need is fire.


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The Crab Bomb

Addicted to high-end restaurant delivery app Caviar? Take note: Foody Direct has been amassing some of the country's top specialty foods and can deliver to your door overnight in the continental U.S. Think live Maine lobsters; Ess-a-Bagel bagels; and BBQ Brisket from Snow's BBQ in Texas (just voted No. 1 in the country by Texas Monthly Magazine).

New to Foody Direct for summer is cult favorite Crab Bomb, from Jerry's Seafood in Maryland: a mountain of jumbo-lump crab meat seasoned with Old Bay and a hit of mayo. In other words, summer perfection, at $94.95 for two bombs.  

(Corrects location of Woelffer estate in sixth paragraph. )
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