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India Raises Record Grain Outlook, Cuts Sugar Output Estimate

  • Food grain production seen at 273.38 million tons: ministry
  • Rice, wheat, pulses estimates raised; sugar forecast reduced

India increased its already record forecast for grain production, while lowering its forecasts for sugar and oilseeds.

Grain production may total 273.38 million metric tons in 2016-17, up from a previous forecast for 272 million tons, the Farm Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. Wheat output is forecast at a record 97.44 million tons, from 96.6 million tons predicted in February, it said.

India’s agriculture production depends on the monsoon, which affects both summer and winter crop sowing and waters more than half of all farmland. India is set for a normal monsoon for a second year, with rainfall of 96 percent of the long-term average, according to government forecasters.

An Indian cotton bale weighs 170 kilograms (375 pounds) each.

Production forecasts include:

May EstimateFebruary Estimate
Rice109.15 million tons108.9 million tons
Wheat97.44 million tons96.6 million tons
Pulses22.4 million tons22.1 million tons
Sugar cane306.03 million tons309.9 million tons
Oilseeds32.52 million tons33.6 million tons
Cotton32.58 million bales32.5 million bales
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