Xinhua Beefs Up Reporting Team With Robots: Eye on Chinese Media

The official Xinhua News Agency has followed the trend of artificial intelligence and added a ROBOT REPORTER to its team recently. The interactive robot with the appearance of a young Chinese woman in traditional dress did a Skype interview this week with Wired Magazine’s Kevin Kelly. Xinhua said the robot will be upgraded in the future with better language skills. The human-like robot is designed with natural eye movement and speech, which is synchronized with its lip movement.

  • BELT AND ROAD: The U.S. is welcome to join the Belt and Road initiative, and has nothing to lose by doing so, China Daily said in an editorial. The official English-language newspaper said such a partnership would help the U.S. secure investment to improve its outdated infrastructure. THE CONTEXT: President Xi Jinping proposed the initiative for a new global trade and infrastructure network in in 2013 and will host 28 heads of state May 14-15 at a Beijing summit dedicated to the plan.
  • IMPORTANT SIGNALS: People’s Daily said top leaders gave important signals about the economy at the latest Communist Party Politburo meeting. Despite solid momentum in the first quarter, there’s been a continuous divergence across regions and sectors. Meanwhile, excess capacity remains in some places, and financial risks can’t be ignored, the paper said.
  • GRAVE INFLATION: China’s property boom is extending to homes of the dead. Prices for burial plots have been rising in major cities, and most of the available space will be used up by new graves in eight years, Economic Information Daily reported.

— With assistance by Yinan Zhao

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