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What to Do on Your First Day at a New Job

Orientation isn't just for filling out HR paperwork

First days at a new job fall on a continuum. There are the days-long orientation with each minute planned out with activities, power points, and trainings. And then, sometimes you get to work on day one and the manager has no idea what to do. He gives you 20 minutes of paperwork and the next eight hours are spent pretending to work on tasks that don't exist. 

What happens on a first day can color the rest of a worker's experience at a job -- so much so that companies spend an average of $4,000 per new hire. A good experience can keep new hires around long term, which saves companies money on retention. But what makes a good first day? Rebecca and Francesca find out by taking a field trip to Great Neck, New York, to visit Northwell Health, which prides itself on its orientation.

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