Smoothie Ingredients Delivered to Your Door

Make your favorites at home, with a little help from Juice Generation, GreenBlender, and Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest

Recipes are tailored to your goals, whether you’re looking for a high-powered morning meal, an innocent dessert, or more vegetables in your diet. Most include so-called superfoods such as immune-supporting camu camu, energy-boosting rhodiola, and anti-aging acerola cherry. Produce comes frozen instead of fresh, which has a minuscule effect on nutrition, if at all. And as far as texture goes, your once-crunchy carrots will be going into the blender anyway, right? The measuring cup included doubles as a to-go container for breakfast on the road.
From $47.94 for six smoothies;

From left: Daily Harvest’s Strawberry + Peach Reviver, GreenBlender’s Sweet Potato Mango, and Juice Generation’s Strawberry Chia smoothies.

Photographer: Jiaxi Yang for Bloomberg Businessweek


Ideal for couples, the once-a-week deliveries from this company include enough fresh ingredients for two servings each of five different smoothies. “The chances that you’ll start your day with some pineapple, spinach, mint, and chia seeds are much higher if they’re all ready to go and waiting in your fridge,” says GreenBlender co-founder Jenna Tanenbaum. Blends vary by season; expect rhubarb and berries in the spring and summer and cranberries and persimmon in the fall and winter, plus healthy add-ins such as goji berries, maca powder, and cacao nibs all year long.
From $39 for 10 smoothies;

Juice Generation

New Yorkers can visit one of this chain’s 16 locations throughout the city, and DIY lovers can consult Chief Executive Officer Eric Helms’s 2014 cookbook, The Juice Generation: 100 Recipes for Fresh Juices and Superfood Smoothies. What to do if you’re a busy non-New Yorker? That’s where the company’s about-to-launch BIY (short for “blend it yourself”) service comes in. All ingredients come washed and ready to throw into your blender. Pour the finished smoothie into the provided cup and suck it down with the straw that—you guessed it—is also included.
From $42 for six smoothies;

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