U.S. Has No Plans to Expand Airline Laptop Ban to U.K. Airports

  • TSA issues statement after reports in U.K. newspapers
  • Electronics ban now targets flights from Middle East airports

Is the Laptop Ban About Terrorism or Protectionism?

A U.S. aviation security agency said there are “no imminent” plans to add the U.K. or other nations to airports where passengers are banned from carrying electronic devices in the cabin on flights bound for American cities.

The U.K.’s Times and Guardian had reported that U.S. officials notified the U.K. they were considering such a move, citing unnamed Whitehall officials.

“There are no imminent changes to the electronics ban,” U.S. Transportation Security Administration spokesman Michael England said in an email. “However, we are continuously assessing security directives based on intelligence and will make changes when necessary to keep travelers safe.”

Starting March 21, the TSA prohibited passengers boarding flights to the U.S. in 10 Middle East airports from carrying devices larger than mobile phones in the cabin. They must be stowed in checked bags.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on April 5 that the agency, which oversees TSA, was considering expanding the ban to other origin airports. He said the intelligence that prompted the action was “real.”

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