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Tanium’s Family Empire Is in Crisis

Orion Hindawi and his dad built the world’s most valuable cybersecurity startup. Now they’re grappling with employee unrest and an executive exodus.
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Tanium's Family Empire Faces a Crisis

A predominant theme in Silicon Valley over the past year involves powerful founders behaving badly. Uber Technologies Inc. and Zenefits, a maker of human resources software, are two companies whose public reputations have been partly undone by such conduct. Now the same destructive dynamic appears to be playing out at Tanium Inc.

Orion Hindawi, who founded Tanium with his father a decade ago, helped build it into the world’s most valuable cybersecurity startup. Its software is used by government agencies and many of the largest global companies, including every major bank, to monitor and protect their networks of devices. Hindawi, Tanium’s 37-year-old chief executive officer, began heralding plans last year to take his Silicon Valley company public and predicted that preparations would begin this spring.