Odd Lots: Inside The Hidden Cycles That Rule Markets, History and Everyday Life

Up, down, expand, contract.

Peter Borish, chief strategist at Quad Group, speaks during a Bloomberg Television interview.

Photographer: Chris Goodney

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History, as you may have heard, has a tendency to repeat. But does it repeat in ways that are measurable and predictable? On this week's episode of Odd Lots, we speak with Peter Borish, a veteran investor and trader, who is currently chief strategist at the Quad Group.

Borish's experience in trading goes back over three decades to when he got his start working for the legendary Paul Tudor Jones in 1985. Throughout his career, Borish has studied cycles, looking for patterns in data and human behavior, to help him anticipate turning points in markets and the economy. In this week's discussion he talks about his approach, the use of data, how trading has changed over the course of his career, and what he thinks about the market currently.