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Vintage Cars

These ’80s-Era Classic Cars Are Worth Investing In Now

Get to know the holy trinity of the grand touring category.
Source: Porsche

Thirty years ago, a person of means could walk into an import car dealership, drop a sum that would double the average annual household income, and drive out with a grand touring coupe—a two-door, four-seater powered by a prodigious, smooth, naturally aspirated engine. These luxurious cars coddled passengers in leather at triple-digit speeds while still making the twists and turns of the road with ease.

American car companies produced their own version of the grand touring vehicle, such as the Cadillac Eldorado and Lincoln Mark VII—as well as “personal luxury coupes,” the Buick Riviera and Chrysler Cordoba. Slightly smaller and less expensive import vehicles such as the BMW 6-Series, Lexus SC400, and the Acura Legend Coupe were also popular among managers, real estate agents, and legal professionals.