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How Donald Trump Orders (and Tips) at His Favorite Restaurant

Checking in on an old classic, where you might just get to see some major deals getting made.

The last time Donald Trump was in New York City he was the president-elect and rarely appeared in public. On the night of Nov. 15, though, after sending the press corps home, he snuck out of his building and appeared at the 21 Club, an 88-year-old destination for New York’s power brokers just five blocks away from Trump Tower.

Trump had long been a regular at the restaurant, dining with his wife at table 11, directly next to the entrance and underneath the restaurant’s eclectic decor—patrons have long been able to donate memorabilia to be hung from its ceiling, and thus the space is adorned with Hess Christmas trucks (given by the Hess family), a broken tennis racquet courtesy of John McEnroe, and, directly above Trump’s favorite seat, a fake billboard for the sports entertainment company Van Wagner, which was hung during a meeting of the company’s board.