This 36-Year-Old May Be Helping Run America

Jared Kushner managed a real estate firm and a weekly newspaper. Now he has the president’s ear.

This Is the Man Who Can Say No to Trump

The biography of Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner mirrors his own. Both inherited real-estate businesses from their fathers. Both tunneled into Manhattan from its lower-rent periphery—Trump from Queens, Kushner from New Jersey. And neither has any government experience. 

But now that Trump is president (thanks in part to Kushner), he’s brought the younger man aboard as a senior adviser. Trump, 70, so far has surrounded himself with conservative Republican Party advisers and operatives. As the only relative in a West Wing filled with strangers, Kushner, 36, finds himself in a unique position: having the ear of the most powerful man in America.

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