Building a Mind-Controlled Wheelchair

Travel to Chile with Hello World to meet the inventor of an incredible, low-cost wheelchair controlled with thoughts and facial gestures.

Building a Mind-Controlled Wheelchair in Chile

Rodrigo Quevedo was an officer in the Chilean army and an engineer. Then he got the robotics bug.

Quevedo has since become a local celebrity for the contraptions he has built, winning robot battles around the world. These days he teaches robotics to youngsters throughout Chile. He’s also started a robotics company called Rotatecno that is building some breathtaking machines, including a low-cost wheelchair that can be controlled with thoughts and facial gestures.

Hello World host Ashlee Vance recently visited Quevedo’s lab in Santiago to test the wheelchair. Vance strapped on a brainwave monitor and helmet and took off on a futuristic ride.

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