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Do You Earn Less Than a New Silicon Valley Employee?

An unscientific survey tries to put a price on some of the hottest jobs in tech.

Competition for engineering talent remains fierce in Silicon Valley. The megaplayers offer recruits lavish offices and gourmet cafeterias along with all the usual corporate perks, such as gym memberships and expense accounts. But there's nothing like good, old-fashioned money to entice top talent. 

Internship salaries in engineering and product management can exceed $6,000 a month, but full-time salaries are even more impressive. According to data collected by Jesse Collins, a Valley intern-turned-employee, the average annual salary for a first-year Silicon Valley worker is more than $105,000, plus a nearly $13,000 stock bonus and almost $26,000 cash bonus. The national wage index is $48,098.63, according to data last compiled by the Social Security Administration in 2015, or about a third of what an entry-level engineer might earn at Facebook or