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16 Masculine Candles That Will Complete Your Home This Winter

If you weren't a candle person, you will be now.

Forget your assumptions: It is very possible to find a scented candle that will not make your home smell floral, feminine, or cloying.

The same brands that have figured out just how you want to dress, sleep, and decorate your rooms have also spent years developing scents that are woody, fresh, spicy, and subtle. They will accent your lifestyle with the same grace as a spritz of cologne or a half-hidden monogram. These candles are also restrained and handsome in their packaging—and, as such, make for excellent holiday gifts. 

Here are 16 we like. 


Brooklinen Nightcap 

Source: Brooklinen

Brooklinen, which started as a bedding brand, just launched a AM/PM collection of candles that go hand-in-hand with their simple, refined brand aesthetic. Among the four-piece collection is the Nightcap, which features notes of blood orange and bourbon in a streamlined black container. ($35,


Burberry Black Amber 

Source: Burberry

Your favorite trench coat brand also makes great-smelling, luxurious candles. Burberry recently launched a new collection, of which this black amber option is a highlight. ($95,


Le Labo Santal 26

Source: Le Labo

If you're just starting out with candles, go for something classic such as Le Labo's Santal 26. It has hints of leather and smoke and is packaged in a rustic, distressed tin. ($65,


Byredo Bibliothèque 


Bibliothèque is part of Byredo's new 2016 holiday collection. Fellas, if you're looking for something strong, yet sweet, this candle is for you. ($35,


Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille 


Your living room can now smell like your favorite cologne by Tom Ford: smoky and sweet. ($250,


Diptyque Feu de Bois

Source: Diptypque Paris

Diptyque is the Michael Jordan of candles. The brand recently launched a new pillar candle in Feu de Bois, part of its 34 collection. The scent, familiar to longtime fans, is warm and woody—perfect for a date night at home on a cold winter night. ($75,


Tom Dixon Elements Earth

Source: Tom Dixon

This mossy, minty candle with cedarwood notes is part of Tom Dixon's new Autumn/Winter '16 collection. It's made in the U.K., and it's a good choice for someone who likes a candle that makes a visual statement, too.  ($220,


Odin 07 Tanoke

Source: Mr Porter

Odin's 07 Tanoke candle is infused with its original popular fragrance and looks as mod as its clothing line. The scent has hints of bitter orange and black pepper, making it a woody and refreshing smell. ($70,


Malin + Goetz Sage

Source: Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz are a fashion-and-hospitality favorite for all things grooming, and the candles do not disappoint. The latest scent, sage, is made out of blend of beeswax, vegetable, and soy waxes, which allows for a better, cleaner burn.  ($52,


Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop

Source: Jonathan Adler

For you whiskey lovers, try this bourbon-scented candle from Jonathan Adler. It boasts hints of davana (sweet and slightly fruit), cognac, plum, leather, birch tree, and cedar wood and is housed in a coppery vessel than can be used in home decor later in life. ($42,


Cire Trudon Bartolome

Source: Maison Trudon

Cire Trudon makes candles and vessels that look perfectly at home in any polished domicile. Try its new scented candle, Bartolome, which has both a spicy and woody scent. ($95,


Molton Brown Vintage 2016 With Elderflower 

Source: Molton Brown

If you want a lighter, muskier scent, give Molton Brown's limited edition Vintage 2016 With Elderflower, a try. Plus, it comes in a festive vessel perfect for the holiday season. ($49,


Paddywax Eucalyptus & Sandalwood Woods

Source: Paddywax

Eucalyptus is one of those scents that gently calms the nerves after a long day of work. Try this Paddywax candle, which infuses the soothing essence with sandalwood for a nice, clean, smoky feel.  ($37,


Mad et Len Terre Noire

Source: Candle Delirum

Mad et Len candles are known for their earthy character; try the new Terre Noire for the misty scent you perceive during a beautiful, foggy night. ($110,


Archipelago Dubai 

Source: Archipelago

Now your living room can smell like your favorite desert escape, with hints of Mandarin, amber, and musk. ($13.50,


Thymes White Wisteria 

Source: Thymes

This might be the softest scent on the list. Thymes's White Wisteria fragrance features white flower, juicy grapefruit, gentle sandalwood, smoky oud, and earthy oak moss.  ($28,

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