Most Read on Bloomberg: Trump Drama, Anxiety About Fed Trigger

The most-read Bloomberg News reports from the past week are listed below. The rankings are based on daily statistics through Oct. 15.

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1. Trump’s Attacks on GOP Leaders Ignite Civil War Inside Party
(Bloomberg) -- With less than a month to go before Election Day, Republicans erupted into open warfare Tuesday as Donald Trump pledged to campaign unshackled from party leaders and vowed to punish “disloyal” members, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and John McCain, the 2008 GOP nominee.

2. Trump Unpacks Three Decades of Clinton Baggage in Debate
(Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined salacious charges about past sexual scandals with sober discussion of substantive topics during their second presidential debate Sunday night following a weekend of unprecedented crisis in the Republican nominee’s campaign.

3. Bonds Slide With Stocks as Inflation, Poor Earnings Fuel Anxiety
(Bloomberg) -- Fresh concerns over faster inflation, U.S. interest-rate hikes, lackluster corporate earnings and the stability of the pound combined to rock markets on Tuesday.

4. Trump Said to Block Campaign’s Requests to Do Self-Opposition Research
(Bloomberg) -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump rebuffed political aides’ requests to research his past, people familiar with the matter said, a decision that contributed to his campaign being caught unprepared for the past week’s barrage of claims he mistreated women.

5. Bonds Rise With Gold, Yen as Weak China Data Stoke Haven Demand
(Bloomberg) -- Traders rushed into the safety of government bonds, the yen and gold on concern weakness in Chinese exports portends even slower global growth just as the Federal Reserve considers raising U.S. interest rates.

6. Dollar Climbs With Stocks After Fed Minutes; Pound Snaps Selloff
(Bloomberg) -- Minutes of the Federal Reserve’s last meeting supported the dollar, while also boosting equities as the record indicated policy makers may increase interest rates soon but maintain a gradual approach to further tightening. The pound rallied.

7. Deutsche Bank Said to Freeze Hiring as CEO Seeks Cost Cuts
(Bloomberg) -- Deutsche Bank AG is implementing a company wide hiring freeze as Chief Executive Officer John Cryan seeks to lower costs and shore up investor confidence, according to people with knowledge with of the matter.

8. May Backs Down to Allow Parliament Vote on Her Brexit Terms
(Bloomberg) -- Prime Minister Theresa May accepted that Parliament should be allowed to vote on her strategy for taking Britain out of the European Union as lawmakers who want to keep closer ties to the bloc began to assert themselves.

9. Fed Minutes Suggest Yellen Made the Difference in ‘Close Call’
(Bloomberg) -- Divided in their views over the labor market, most Federal Reserve officials last month ultimately listened to Chair Janet Yellen’s argument for holding off on a rate hike, for now.

10. Dollar Rises, Bonds Fall Amid Fed Wagers as Yellen Gives No Hint
(Bloomberg) -- The dollar rose to a seven-month high and bonds fell after U.S. retail sales data bolstered the case for higher interest rates this year, while Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s speech did little to alter that view.


1. Trump Would Jail Clinton? There’s a Name for That: Noah Feldman
(Bloomberg View) -- Donald Trump’s threat in Sunday night’s presidential debate to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server is legally empty -- but it’s genuinely dangerous nevertheless. Federal regulations give the appointment power to the attorney general, not the president, precisely to protect us against a president who uses the special prosecutor as a political tool.

2. Don’t Fear Trump’s Lawsuits; He’ll Just Lose: Timothy L. O’Brien
(Bloomberg View) -- Awash in allegations that he sexually assaulted several women, Donald Trump is reaching into his old playbook and threatening to sue the media for reporting the claims, which he says are false.

3. The Republican Who Might Have Stopped Trump: Ramesh Ponnuru
(Bloomberg View) -- George Will had a good line the other day about the Trump campaign, which is that it will “simplify the GOP’s quadrennial exercise of writing its post-campaign autopsy, which this year can be published Nov. 9 in one sentence: ‘Perhaps it is imprudent to nominate a venomous charlatan.’” Since he wrote that column, new accusations about sexual misconduct by Trump have reinforced Will’s conclusion that nominating Trump was a moral and political disaster.

4. Hillary Clinton’s Worst (and Most Persistent) Friend: Eli Lake
(Bloomberg View) -- In both debates against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump went out of his way to bring up the name of a journalist and former White House official who has held no high office and is unknown to most voters. The name is Sidney Blumenthal, one that is familiar mainly to Washington insiders from his role in the Clinton wars of the 1990s. Even Trump’s most ardent supporters could be forgiven for wondering why critics keep circling back to this man.

5. How Young Republican Women React to Trump: Francis Barry
(Bloomberg View) -- The New York Young Republican Club gathered to watch Sunday night’s presidential debate at Madison Square Tavern, near Penn Station. The club opted for a different location than the first debate watch, held next to a gentlemen’s cabaret called Lace. A little advance work can go a long way.


1. Trump and Clinton Presidential Debate
(Bloomberg) -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton participate in the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

2. The Second 2016 Presidential Debate in 3 Minutes
(Bloomberg) -- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off, and in a sign of how bitter the campaign has become, the two did not shake hands at the beginning of the debate. Trump dismissed his sexually aggressive comments in a 2005 recording as “locker room talk,” before reviving past accusations against former President Bill Clinton.

3. Fed’s Dudley Speaks About Economy, Monetary Policy
(Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley speaks about the U.S. and regional economies, the labor market and monetary policy. He speaks to the Business Council of New York State in Albany.

4. Donald Trump Speaks About Sexual-Assault Allegations
(Bloomberg) -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, accusing the "Washington establishment" and the "corporate media" for spreading what he said were false accusations that he sexually assaulted women before he ran for president.

5. Theresa May Answers Prime Minister’s Questions
(Bloomberg) -- U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May answers questions from lawmakers in the House of Commons in London. Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn also speaks.

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