Hollande Failed on Unemployment, Shouldn’t Run Again, Poll Shows

  • Odoxa survey shows 80% don’t want to see president in race
  • Respondents also doubt Sarkozy would fix unemployment problem

President Francois Hollande should not run for a second term as he failed to tackle France’s unemployment problem, according to 80 percent of the respondents in a poll by Odoxa published Friday.

Eighty-eight percent of respondents said Hollande won’t be able to stop unemployment rising in France while 78 percent said former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy, who is running for president again, wouldn’t be any better. Republican front-runner Alain Juppe and Emmanuel Macron, Hollande’s former economy minister who has hinted at his own bid for the presidency, were seen as most likely to cut the jobless rate, the poll showed.

As he approaches the end of his five-year term, Hollande is facing major discontent from voters including many who backed him in the past and his approval rating of 13 percent is the lowest on record for a president. The Socialist leader has previously stated that he won’t run again unless unemployment comes down and hasn’t declared his intentions for next year’s vote.

French jobless claims jumped in August to the highest this year, with the government blaming a lack of summer hiring among hoteliers and restauranteurs. The labor market has been erratic all year, showing job losses in four months and gains in four. The net result is that the number of claimants remains near December’s record high of 3.6 million, casting a shadow over Hollande’s efforts to revive his fortunes.

Odoxa polled 992 people by internet on Sept. 28 and 29 and the margin of error was 2.5 percentage points.

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