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A Peek at More Than Three Decades of Jackson Hole Economic Gabfests

Paul Volcker during meeting in Washington, D.C., Nov. 1982.

Paul Volcker during meeting in Washington, D.C., Nov. 1982.

Source: Bettmann via Getty Images

The annual Jackson Hole Economic Symposium is upon us, running Aug. 25-27 this year on the topic of "Designing Resilient Monetary Policy Frameworks for the Future." The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City began hosting the conference at Jackson Lake Lodge in Wyoming more than three decades ago. Organizers chose the late-summer timing and outdoorsy location to attract a crowd, including then-Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, an avid fly fisherman. We dug up some photos from the archives that show moments from Jackson Hole summits through the years.

Volcker attends a session at the 1982 Jackson Hole symposium. It was the first time the summit was held at its now traditional home in Grand Teton National Park and marked the switch to focusing on monetary policy topics from agricultural issues, which had been the dominate theme since the 1978 inaugural symposium. To Volcker's left are Richard Cooper of Harvard University and Lawrence Roos, then-president of the St. Louis Fed.