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Buy a Paper Mill Heiress’s Greenwich Mansion for $5.5 Million

Irene Brant Zelinsky, whose family developed more than 1,400 acres in Greenwich, is moving on.

In 1980 the paper mill tycoon Murray Brant and his son Peter paid $18 million for a 1,400-acre tract in Greenwich, Conn., and developed it into a high-end residential community called Conyers Farm. The land comprises parcels totaling 10 acres or more; the Brants gave first choice to Peter’s sister, Irene Brant Zelinsky. “I had the pick of any piece of land that I wanted,” she said. “And what I picked was on my father’s suggestion.” Surrounded by a 300-acre nature preserve, the parcel Zelinsky chose is just a five-minute drive from the Merritt Parkway. “My father said it was the best property because it’s the most secluded,” she said.

Having recently inherited her mother’s house in the same community, Zelinsky is selling her old home for $5.495 million. The buyer of the 6,100-square-foot house (that measurement doesn’t include a partially finished basement) will benefit from Zelinsky’s family’s connection to the property and its surroundings.