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A 'Night Mayor' Is Transforming Amsterdam After Dark

The Dutch capital’s concept is already spreading to other major cities.
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Flickr/Steve Parker

Do big cities need a “Chinatown for night culture”? This is a concept currently being explored in Amsterdam by former club promoter Mirik Milan. By creating special districts for after-dark businesses, the 35-year-old Milan suggests, cities like his hometown could balance many local desires for a lively night life with the wishes of others for peace and quiet.

“I think that to really build a 24/7 economic system in Amsterdam, we should focus on creating one 24-hour area in the city,” Milan tells CityLab. “You could have working spaces there, and a library open 24 hours a day for students. It would also be a place for food. In Holland you can't have a proper meal after 9.30 p.m., and when friends arrive late from out of town, all you can really offer them is fries.”