Merkel Says Advantages of EU-U.S Trade Deal Outweigh Drawbacks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the U.S. has more advantages than drawbacks, and could be a model for other free-trade agreements.

"No standard already in existence in the European Union today will be lowered in the trade agreement with the U.S.," Merkel said Saturday in her weekly podcast. The TTIP could be an example for other deals where “social and ecological standards could play a more important part."

Germans have been very critical of the trans-Atlantic trade deal, with protesters last year taking to the streets over proposed changes to EU food standards under the agreement. In her podcast, Merkel argued for more transparency in the negotiations in order to win the public’s trust. She is hoping to complete the TTIP deal during U.S. President Barack Obama’s time in office, which ends this year, she said Dec. 18 in Brussels.

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