Your Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays officially end on Jan. 1. Get your shopping done before then with this handy advent calendar.

14. Vintage Andean blanket


Hand-woven from sheep’s wool in the Andes Mountains, where they know a thing or two about bundling up. ($375;

15. Miu Miu First Fragrance


Perfume is a pretty intimate gift and should not be given lightly. The brand’s first scent is for the feminine and funky. ($86;

16. Paul Smith pencil cuff links


A little whimsy never hurt anybody. ($125;

17. Knox aluminum VR viewer


Handcrafted virtual-reality goggles that strike just the right balance between Luddite and technophile. ($85;

18. Tibi x Del Toro slippers


These limited-edition velvet loafers say holidays but don’t scream it. ($365;

19. Hasami glazed teapot


Hasami porcelain is well-known for its elegant design. Less well-known: It’s microwave-safe. ($79;

20. Science fiction classics set


Includes selections from Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Jules Verne, and more of the greats. ($250;

21. J.Crew touchscreen gloves


Rich leather on the outside, soft cashmere on the inside—and you can still use your phone. ($98;

22. Want Les Essentiels city shoulder bag


Make things easy on yourself with a one-size-fits-all gift. A light yet roomy purse for the woman with much to carry. ($595;

23. The Ultimate American socks


The warm bison wool wicks moisture like no other socks. ($38;

24. Moroccan neroli shaving duet


Calm skin is the real gift here. ($80;

25. Cubebot


This discreet desk toy folds into a cube for more serious moments. Don’t overthink the gift. ($15;

26. Chloé Snow Capsule Intarsia wool scarf


A cozy scarf is a no-brainer gift, and the Scandinavian-via-1970s pattern is sure to please. ($690;

27. Amazon Echo


A voice-commanded, Internet-connected electronic assistant that gets smarter the more you use it. ($179.99;

28. My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem or Gratitude by Oliver Sacks


Download the work of one of these great minds—provided your giftee has a tablet. ($13.99 and $9.99;

29. Chromecast Audio


Google’s latest streaming device is the missing link between your cell phone and your speaker system. ($35—plus $16 for next-day delivery;

30. Bespoke Post gift certificate



What you lack in punctuality, you can make up for in regularity. Monthly deliveries on manly themes, including beer, shaving, and leather care. ($55 for one box or $45 per month with subscription;

31. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8 wireless headphones


 If you live in New York or San Francisco, tech retailer Enjoy will get them to you within four hours. All that’s left is the gift wrap. ($499;

All items courtesy the brands.

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