Islamic State Claims to Show First Beheading of Russian `Agent'

  • Terrorist group shows Russian-speaker killing `agent': SITE
  • Video warns Russians of terror attacks, Syrian quagmire

Islamic State has released a video that claims to show the beheading of a Russian agent in Syria by a man speaking the language, the first time the terrorist group has released footage of such an execution, according to SITE, a U.S. research group that tracks jihadist sites.

The video, which lasts nearly 8 minutes, was filmed in the Syrian province of Raqqa, the stronghold of Islamic State, SITE says. It ends with the alleged agent, who says he’s from Russia’s mainly Muslim region of Chechnya, having his head severed with a knife. The Russian-speaking executioner warns President Vladimir Putin of attacks inside the country and “another losing war.”

Putin, who started a bombing campaign in Syria two months ago, said in mid-October that 5,000 to 7,000 people from Russia and other former Soviet states have joined the ranks of Islamic State. The group claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger jet in Egypt in October, killing the 224 people on board. SITE’s website picked up the video less than a day before Putin’s annual state-of-the-nation address.

Islamic State in January released a video purporting to show a child shooting to death two men alleged to be Russian agents.

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