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Why I Decided to Live on a Houseboat in London

As rents soar and technology makes life onboard easier, more Londoners like me are taking up residence on the city’s canals.
London's Little Venice
London's Little Venice Dan Breckwoldt /

One weekend afternoon about a month after I moved aboard a canal boat in London, there was a rap-rap-rap on the wood and metal paneling of my front door. I had left it partly open to let in the breeze, and a woman was peeking in like a tentative cat.

“Excuse me, do you live around here?” she asked. We were docked at Little Venice, a busy hub for tourists just a short walk north of Hyde Park. I said yes. She seemed confused, and pointing toward nearby Paddington, she asked again, “You mean, you live around here?” I noticed two more faces peeking around the door.