Carson Has Ties to Dietary Supplement Co With Legal Issues: WSJ

GOP candidate Ben Carson, a retired surgeon, has given speeches for Mannatech, which faced scrutiny over health claims for its products, WSJ reports.

  • Co. settled false-advertising charges in 2009 brought by Texas-attorney general’s office, which alleged that it had permitted deceptive and illegal miracle-cure testimonials sales meetings suggesting its products could treat or cure Down Syndrome, autism, cancer
  • Carson appeared in videos posted on Mannatech’s website until last week; has given 4 paid speeches at company gatherings; most of the speech payments went to a Carson-affiliated charity, the company says
  • Carson has never been a paid endorser or spokesman for the co, it says, according to the WSJ
  • Carson campaign manager Barry Bennett says the candidate is a believer in vitamins and supplements; in a Jan. 2015 television interview following a National Review article about his history with Mannatech, Carson says he has been using its products for more than a decade