Trump’s Lead Narrows in New Hampshire, Iowa NBC/WSJ Polls

Donald Trump’s lead shrank to five ppt vs 16ppt before in New Hampshire, NBC/WSJ poll finds.

  • Trump has 21% support vs 16% for Carly Fiorina; and had 28% in the Granite State a month ago vs 12% for John Kasich: NBC/WSJ
  • Jeb Bush in 3rd w/11%, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson tied at 10%
  • In Iowa, Trump leads among potential Republican caucus-goers w/24% to 19% for Carson, Fiorina is 3rd at 8%, Bush w/7%, Ted Cruz, Rubio and Bobby Jindal tied at 6%
  • Trump led by 7ppt a month earlier in Iowa: NBC/WSJ
  • NOTE: Poll conducted Sept. 23-30, after Scott Walker suspended campaign on Sept. 21
  • On Democratic side, Hillary Clinton receives 47% support from Iowa caucus-goers, while Bernie Sanders has 36%, Martin O’Malley w/4%
  • In N.H., Sanders leads Clinton w/48% to 39%
  • Poll surveyed 450 potential GOP primary voters in N.H.(+/- 4.6ppts), as well as 404 Democratic voters (+/-4.9ppts); In Iowa, 431 potential GOP caucus-goers were interviewed (+/- 4.7ppts) and 348 Democratic caucus-goers (+/- 5.3ppts)