Piloxing, Zumba, and Other Efficient Exercise Mashups

Exercise efficiently, thanks to newfangled classes that meld classic routines.

Barre + Spinning = Barre Ride

Illustration: Jaci Kessler

Sessions at Revolve Fitness studio’s D.C.-area location involve a half-hour of motivational stationary biking, followed by sculpting and stretching exercises that use the handlebars as a makeshift ballet barre. $20; revolvefitness.com

Running + Strength Training = Shred415

Illustration: Jaci Kessler

“We believe in the longevity of the concept—functional movement and treadmill running are not fads,” says Shred415 co-founder Bonnie Micheli. There are five locations in Chicago and one in St. Louis, each offering a program that uses intervals of sprinting and weightlifting to tone. Dim lighting and live DJs get you into a pump-it-up mood. $25; shred415.com

Rowing + Yoga = CityRow Flow

Illustration: Jaci Kessler

Think classic yoga mixed with a rowing machine. Helaine Knapp, founder of the New York studio that offers the classes, says, “The rowing interval at the beginning wakes up every muscle,” while the “flow focuses on aligning your breath with movement when the muscles are already warm.” $32; cityrow.com

Pilates + Boxing = Piloxing

Illustration: Jaci Kessler

It’s an intense session of uppercuts, side jabs, and fancy footwork done while wearing weighted gloves, interspersed with toning moves such as pliés, leg lifts, and ab compressions. From $16; piloxing.com

Pilates + Barre = Tower Fusion

Illustration: Jaci Kessler

The goal here is twofold: to build long, lean muscles and to keep from getting bored. “Although I believe everyone should be doing Pilates, it’s not healthy to be limited to one regimen,” says Sharon McSpedon, owner of the Pilates Barre in Ridgefield, Conn., and inventor of Tower Fusion. The class blends machine work with traditional ballet poses to “keep clients on their toes.” $26; pilatesbarrecore.com

Strength Training + Dance = Zumba Toning

Illustration: Jaci Kessler

The Latin-pop group dance of grandmas everywhere, now done while holding 1- or 3-pound sticks that look like maracas. They turn basic arm waves into biceps curls and triceps extensions. Prices vary; zumba.com

Yoga + Boot Camp = Yoga Body Boot Camp

Illustration: Jaci Kessler

Each lesson begins and ends with Vinyasa yoga, which emphasizes breathing through your nose rather than your mouth. The aerobic boot camp portion in the middle requires more intense effort, yet less concentration. “Students describe the class as challenging,” says founder Deborah Williamson, who’s expanded it nationally. From $15; yogabodybootcamp.net

All last one hour.

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