Caroline Kennedy’s Embassy Flawed in Security, Communication: IG

State Dept “has not addressed security problems” and “communication between the front office and embassy sections needs improvement,” inspector general says in report after examining U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

  • U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy has “wide experience in nongovernmental and publishing industries” though “does not have extensive experience leading and managing an institution the size of the U.S. Mission to Japan”: report
  • Kennedy’s chief of staff has “experience in public relations, but not in foreign affairs”
  • Embassy staff members “unsure of the scope of” chief of staff’s duties, “lack information” about projects she organizes for ambassador and don’t know how to allocate time between their duties and chief-of-staff assignments
  • NOTE: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has singled out Kennedy for criticism in speeches and interviews

A non-career Ambassador with wide experience in nongovernmental and publishing industries leads Embassy Tokyo.

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