Trump’s Net Favorable Rating Among Hispanics at -51: Gallup

Gallup Poll conducted over the last month-and-a-half shows that among the 79% of U.S. Hispanics familiar with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, 65% have a negative view of him, 14% a positive one, giving him a net favorable rating of -51.

  • Among other GOP White House aspirants, only Jeb Bush is familiar to more than 50% of Hispanics; he has +11 net favorable rating -- 34% positive, 23% negative
    • Texans Ted Cruz, Rick Perry each have -7 net favorable rating, next-to-lowest among Republicans after Trump
  • Democrat Hillary Clinton familiar to 76% of those surveyed; her net favorable is +40 -- 58% positive, 18% negative
  • Poll of 2,183 Hispanic adults conducted July 8-Aug. 23; error margin +/- 5ppts