The State That Facebooks About Donald Trump the Most

West Virginia leads all 50 states in chattering on Facebook about the real-estate mogul.
Photographer: Getty Images

Guess which state is Facebooking the most about Donald Trump?

Not New York, where the real estate mogul grew up and maintains his corporate headquarters.

Not Florida, where Trump's swanky Palm Beach property is the venue for many of his over-the-top celebrations.

No, the state where Trump's presidential campaign is generating the most chatter on Facebook is... West Virginia. Connecticut, The District of Columbia, Alabama, and, finally, New York, round out the top five.

That's just one of the unexpected facts unearthed by Facebook in data released Thursday.

In terms of overall numbers, Democrat Hillary Clinton is dominates the social network. Whether measuring by interactions within the first 24 hours of her campaign launch or the 90 days preceding her launch, no one comes close to the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Within 24 hours of making her candidacy of her candidacy, Clinton generated 10.1 million interactions on Facebook from 4.7 million people, according to data compiled by the social networking site.

Donald Trump came closest to the former secretary of state in interactions within the first 24 hours after launching his presidential campaign. But the 6.4 million interactions from 3.4 million people generated by the real estate mogul's announcement amounted to less than three-fourths of the Clinton's figure. Trump falls far behind Clinton when comparing the average number of unique people discussing each candidate over the last 90 days preceding his announcement, but that may be due to his campaign being just more than a month old. Clinton made her bid for the presidency official on April 13.


Although his announcement day generated a less-than stellar amount of interaction, Jeb Bush has maintained a strong, steady following over the last three months. Bush ranks second to Clinton when comparing the average number of unique people discussing each candidate over the 90 days preceding the announcement. However, Clinton remains far away in the lead with 270,000 unique people per day. That gives her more than three times Bush's figure of 85,000.


Also intriguing: the location of interactions. While much of the country may be trying to avoid the early onset of presidential politics, Washington, D.C. ranks in the top five states chattering about each and every candidate.  For all but three contenders, the top site for Facebook traffic is their home state.

The exceptions:

  • Ted Cruz, the Texas senator running for the Republican nomination, was the subject of more Facebook interactions in Washington — a city he regularly reviles — than in his home state.
  • Clinton, who is most talked about in the District of Columbia (where she lived for eight years as first lady), Arkansas (where she also lived as first lady), West Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois (where she was born). New York, the state Clinton represented for eight years as a senator, did not register in the top five states Facebooking about Clinton.
  • The states that chattered the most about Trump: West Virginia, Connecticut, D.C., Alabama and New York.