The Big Question Republican Foes of Illegal Immigration Won't Answer

What should the United States do with the estimated 11 million people here illegally?

U.S. Border Patrol ranch liaison John 'Cody' Jackson (R) rides with cattle rancher Dan Bell on Bell's ZZ Cattle Ranch at the U.S.-Mexico border on March 8, 2013 in Nogales, Arizona. Jackson meets regularly with local ranchers to coordinate the agency's efforts on border issues, including drug smuggling and illegal immigration from Mexico. Bell, a third generation rancher, grazes cattle on nearly ten miles of border property.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

With few exceptions, Republican presidential candidates have lined up in strong opposition to legal status for undocumented immigrants. Not by executive action, not by legislation. "No amnesty," said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Donald Trump's  incendiary comments on Mexican immigrants as he entered the race has placed a renewed focus on the issue in the crowded primary contest.

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