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Donald Trump: An Announcement Like No Other

Analyzing the style, substance, and impact of the real estate mogul's presidential announcement.
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Trump Announces: How’d He Do?

Style: Vintage Trump: brash, confident, aggressive, rancorous, gleeful. The setting in the glittering lobby of the Trump Tower skyscraper that holds his office and his home, surrounded by adoring fans, security guards, and a throng of reporters, was not something the Founders ever envisioned, but perfectly reflected Trump's life and lifestyle. From the kitschy pre-show Cats serenade, to the endless escalator entrance, to the rambling, conversational, near-stream-of-consciousness speech, the event captured the quirks, drama, and appeal of The Donald in all his flash and glory.

Deviated from his text to the max, veering off on tangled tangents about America’s place in the world (dangerous enemies, economic competitors) and about more prosaic happenings (those scary prison escapees). Employed some provocative rhetoric (about U.S.-Mexico relations, for instance). Targeted President Barack Obama and Jeb Bush with his usual mocking tone. While many of the other 2016 candidates on both sides of the aisle are downplaying or apologizing for their affluence, or bragging about financial struggles and student loans, his boastful calculations about his own immense wealth were stupefying and refreshing. After years of will-he-won’t-he, seemed to relish the major moment and perhaps went on too long for the crowd, draining some of the energy from the room–though for many of his core supporters, he can do no wrong.