Kim Dotcom: Julian Assange Will Be Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare in 2016

The Megaupload founder, who faces charges of copyright infringement, said the Wikileaks founder will take aim at Clinton.

Kim Dotcom: Assange Will Be Clinton's Worst Nightmare

Kim Dotcom, the founder of the defunct file sharing site Megaupload who wants to bring his Internet Party to the United States in 2016, said Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will be Hillary Clinton’s “worst nightmare.”

In an interview with Emily Chang on Bloomberg’s Studio 1.0, Dotcom was asked about a tweet he sent in December saying that he himself will be “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016.”

The interview raises the question of the role hacking could play in an election involving someone as simultaneously high profile and secretive as Clinton.

“I have to say it’s probably more Julian,” who threatens Hillary, Dotcom said. “But I’m aware of some of the things that are going to be roadblocks for her.”

Assange has access to information, Dotcom said, though he added that he didn't know anything more specific.

“If I can provide some transparency with these people and make them part of what the Internet Party stands for, then, you know, I will be happy to do that,” Dotcom told Chang.

Now residing in New Zealand, Dotcom has been charged in the U.S. with copyright infringement. He is fighting the charges. In the interview, he called Clinton, who had signed his extradition request, “an enemy of Internet freedom”—but expressed fondness for her, as well as for President Barack Obama. "You know the crazy thing is, I actually like them," Dotcom said.

Watch the full interview below, or read the highlights here.

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom: Studio 1.0 (05/14)