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Bernie Sanders Joins Growing Chorus of Clinton Challengers Who Opposed Her on Iraq

The specter of 2002 comes back to haunt the frontrunner.
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Bernie Sanders: I Voted Against War in Iraq

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Toward the end of his brief news conference Thursday about entering the presidential race as a Democrat, independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took a question from NBC News about where he differed with Hillary Clinton. Sanders, who served in the House throughout Bill Clinton's presidency and the Senate for the last two years of Hillary's term there, has usually been loathe to attack her. This time, Sanders cautioned that "we don't know" all of the Democratic frontrunner's stands (an attack in itself) and noted that he had broken with her on the Iraq War.

“I voted against the war in Iraq—and not only did I vote against it, I helped lead the effort,” said Sanders. “Many of the things that I said back then turned out to be true—the massive destabilization of the region.”