Rand Paul Keeps Saying that a Secret Scandal Will Wreck Hillary Clinton 'Soon'

It will “shock people.”

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) talks with reporters as Senate Republicans and Democrats head to their weekly policy luncheon on March 19, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Photographer: T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

In a speech yesterday to the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made his third oblique reference to a scandal that—according to him—will grievously wound Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

"You ever hear 'em ask Hillary Clinton, this money she's getting, whether it influences her decisions?" said Paul, referring to media questions about donors to the Clinton family's charitable organizations. "There's going to be stuff coming out about the Clinton Foundation and their donations from different companies that get special approval from the Secretary of State. Coming out in the next couple of weeks."

Paul had debuted this theory on April 7, in the interview he gave Fox News's Sean Hannity right after his announcement. "She's in charge of approving business deals as secretary of state," Paul said of Clinton. "They're called CFIAs, anything that relates to our security. There's going to be something coming out in the next few weeks about companies that she approved deals for."

"That they were against, and then they became for after money went to the foundation?" asked Hannity.

"Significant amounts, over $100 million being given to her foundation coming out in the next two weeks," said Paul.

The next day, in New Hampshire, Fox News's Carl Cameron asked him what the scandals might be.

"I think there is big news coming on the Clinton Foundation," said Paul. "I think there are things that went on at the Clinton Foundation that are going to shock people. I think they're going to make people question whether she ought to run for president."

"Can you tell us what you're talking about?" asked Cameron.

"Then it wouldn't be a secret, Carl!" said Paul. "It's coming soon."

The rest of Paul's speech to the SBA List recapped a more successful media crusade of his: The effort to get Democrats to say when life begins, shifting the frame of the abortion debate. "Shouldn't the other side have to justify why this baby doesn't have any rights?" asked Paul,  "The government does have some role in our lives. One of the main roles that government has is to restrict you from harming another individual. When life begins, there is a role for the state."