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AccuWeather's New 24-Hour TV Channel Just Has the Weather

The skies have turned a little cloudier for the Weather Channel with Verizon FiOS's switch to AccuWeather's upstart network
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The Storm That’s Brewing in Weather TV

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The Weather Channel has been dropped by a cable provider—again. Verizon FiOS on Tuesday announced that it would no longer include the largest television weather provider in its cable lineup, choosing instead to go with the brand new 24-hour AccuWeather Network. The reason? Nobody watches weather TV anymore. And that, as it happens, is exactly why AccuWeather has decided to get into TV.

"We want our channel to be something you look at, get your weather, and then go back to other programming," says AccuWeather Chief Executive Officer Barry Lee Myers. "It's a way to use your TV, just as you might use your tablet or phone."