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These 22 Conservatives Will Meet With Janet Yellen on Friday

After two months, activists get a sit-down with the Fed.

Two months ago, after learning that Fed Chair Janet Yellen had met with progressives, a group of conservatives started demanding a sit-down of their own. "The left has met with Janet Yellen in an effort to influence monetary policy," thundered Steve Lonegan, a two-time candidate for governor of New Jersey (and one-time candidate for Senate, and for Congress), who now directs monetary policy at American Principles in Action. "Conservatives cannot sit back and allow liberals to have sole voice with the Federal Reserve System."

After some backroom wrangling, the conservatives got their meeting. It will occur at the end of a week of Yellen testimony in Congress, while scores of conservative leaders are gathered at CPAC, a drive down the road from Washington. "Conservatives finally get a meeting with Yellen, and it happens at 3 p.m. on a Friday," snarked American Commitment President Phil Kerpen, while waiting between events at CPAC.