Nine Professionals on Their Workday Breaks

Yoga, French lessons, remote-control helicopters—there’s a better way to take your lunch break
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“I grab takeout in downtown Palo Alto with my co-founder, Alon, who also happens to be my husband. The conversations are funny—we’ll talk about a serious deal and then argue over who’s going to buy diapers after work.”
Adi Tatarko
Co-founder and chief executive officer, Houzz

“I roam around the Art Institute in Chicago. In minutes, I can be surrounded by lifelike Greek statues or in an ancient Mesopotamian room. It’s a way for me to stretch my legs and inspire new work.”
Ximena Beltran Quan Kiu
Founder, C1 Revolution

“I nap. I set my alarm for 10 minutes, put in ear plugs, rest my head on the back of my chair, and doze away. For years, I tried to fight afternoon exhaustion to no avail. Now I feel refreshed, calm, focused, and in control of my day.”
Katherine Schafler


“We fly remote-control mini-toy helicopters on our office squash court. There’s something amazing about getting to know people over a shared hobby, so we’re looking into racing remote-control toy cars next.”
Aaron Goldstein
Co-founder and chief operating officer, Klick Health

“I read. I recently downloaded The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and enjoy books related to technology and business.”
Martha Poulter
Chief information officer, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

“I study French. We’re expanding our business to Africa, and I’m keen to connect with clients in their native language. I use an app called Duolingo, and the exercises take about 30 minutes. I’m getting better.”
Ashley Hunter
President, HM Risk Group

“I work for an early-stage startup, and lunch is basically a land grab for catering. While I’m digesting, I quickly read Hacker News, Redeye VC, and Techmeme and catch up on non e-mail communication like texts and tweets.”
John Milinovich
Co-founder and CEO, URX


“I’m from Alaska, so I crave the outdoors. I take a mile walk to the post office, even though nobody walks in L.A.”
Gabie Boko
Chief marketing officer, Sage

“I take a daily Vinyasa yoga class. The communications firm I run is ridiculously hectic, with deliverables flying left and right. Yoga allows me 100 percent mindless time right in the middle of the day, as well as feel-good endorphins.”
Zachary Weiner
CEO, Emerging Insider Communications

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