More Than 20 Injured in Series of Attacks Across France

Three unrelated attacks across France over the last three days left more than 20 people injured, prompting Prime Minister Manuel Valls to ask citizens to remain calm.

“The events are serious and worrying,” Valls said today on Europe 1 radio. “Even if there’s no link between them I can understand the concern of citizens.”

The latest of the three attacks came yesterday as a man plowed through a Christmas market in Nantes in his van, injuring more than 10 people, one of whom has since died, President Francois Hollande told reporters today.

The day before, a man with psychiatric troubles known to police injured 13 people in Dijon by running them down with his car crying “Allahu Akbar.” Both men were taken into custody. On Dec. 20, a 20-year-old man in Joue-les-Tours who had converted to Islam three years ago was killed after he stabbed and injured two policemen.

While the incidents were unconnected and the Interior Ministry would not say they were Islamist in nature, the attacks have heightened concern about terrorism, with the subject dominating the air waves. Valls called a meeting of ministers today to discuss the attacks and urged people to go about their business in the run up to year-end holidays.

“We’re reacting with determination and cool-headedness,” Valls said. “People need to go about their daily lives while remaining vigilant.”

After the meeting with ministers, Valls announced that between 200 and 300 soldiers will be deployed across the country to increase security during the holiday period, Agence France-Presse reported.

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