Stocks Are Up. Beef and Chicken Stocks, That Is

Bone broth has replaced green juice as the next curative beverage
Photographs by Andrew B. Myers for Bloomberg Businessweek

Marco Canora has been drinking his mom’s broth since he was a kid in upstate New York. “When I was sick, I’d sip a bowl with Parmesan cheese,” the chef says. “The flavor, the saltiness, and the richness feel so calming.” Now he’s re-creating that experience at Brodo, a tiny takeout window next to Hearth, Canora’s acclaimed restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village. Broth has also become a calling card for British cookbook authors such as Sally Morrell (Nourishing Broth, released in September) and the Helmsley sisters (who blog for British Vogue). The Los Angeles Lakers’ nutritionist has made it a key part of his team’s eating plan, and Paleo dieters are also obsessed.

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