The Arrivals: A Line of Coats From a Venture Capitalist and an Architect

A venture capitalist and an architect decide to try on coats
Both jackets are plenty warm, thanks to the heavy Italian and South American leather, here in the men’s Lautner ($585, left). The lamb fur collar on the Rainier jacket ($685) can be zipped off to create a sleeker look Photograph by Leta Sorbierajski for Bloomberg Businessweek

Kal Vepuri, 33, founder of Trisiras Group, an angel investment firm behind a slew of hip startups such as Harry’s, a razor company, and eyeglasses maker Warby Parker, has gone from behind-the-scenes to front-of-house. On Oct. 16, Vepuri, who doesn’t have a fashion background, introduced his own e-commerce outerwear company, the Arrivals. “Outerwear is so compelling,” says Vepuri, who works with another industry outsider, an architect named Jeff Johnson, as his creative director for the nine-coat line. “If you want high-quality clothing that lasts a lifetime and is beautiful and classically inspired, you end up spending two to three times as much as you should,” Vepuri says.

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