An ABBA Star's Campaign for a 100% Cash-Free Sweden

Ulvaeus at the Swedish Music Hall of Fame in Stockholm Photograph by Janerik Hanriksson/Scanpix Sweden/Reuters

On a gray Friday morning in Stockholm, Björn Ulvaeus arrives at ABBA The Museum through an emergency exit, carrying a take-out cup of coffee. Ulvaeus doesn’t come here often—”It is kind of strange to build a museum about yourself,” he notes—but he makes an exception now and again. Dressed in a navy blue suede jacket with epaulets, a closely cropped beard, and thin black and red glasses, Ulvaeus, 69, weaves through the exhibits, humbly recounting his band’s history, as if he were talking about some college a cappella act. ”We were not really good singers,” he says in a genteel, Nordic-tinged accent. “So the melodies had to be really, really good.”

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