What Can the McLaren Racing Team Teach the Rest of Us?

What can the McLaren racing team teach the rest of us?
Photo Illustration by Justin Metz; Car: Courtesy Chris Brown/McLaren; Room: Superstock

Six laps into the 2008 Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren race car skidded on the rain-slicked pavement, bumped against a barrier, and blew out its right rear tire. At the time, Hamilton, a gifted, impatient driver and one of auto racing’s biggest stars, was in second place. A puncture is a serious setback in any Formula One competition. In Monaco, the most prestigious title on the schedule, it’s a disaster: The course is laid out on the principality’s twisting, hilly streets, rather than a purpose-built racetrack, so passing is nearly impossible, and ground lost is particularly hard to regain. The three-time Formula One champion Nelson Piquet once likened the race to “riding a bicycle around your living room.” Rain only compounds the challenge.

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