Dutch Billionaire De Mol Target of Extortion, Police Say

Dutch police are investigating the attempted extortion of billionaire John de Mol, the producer who helped create television shows such as “The Voice” and “Big Brother.”

De Mol has been a target of blackmail since October 2013 by one or more people, the police said in a statement on their website today. The police will show a composite sketch of one person who is “definitely” involved on Dutch real-crime show “Opsporing Verzocht” tonight. The statement didn’t provide details about the blackmail demands.

“The threats and the attempts of extortion have been going on for quite some time now,” Thomas Notermans, spokesman of Talpa Media Holding, De Mol’s media company, said by phone today. “After consulting with the family the police feel it is now opportune to call upon the public for useful tips.”

John de Mol’s sister, Linda de Mol, has also been threatened by one or more people, the police said, without providing more detail in the statement. Linda is a presenter of game shows, appears as an actress in television series and also publishes a magazine.

De Mol became a billionaire after selling his 26 percent stake in Endemol to Telefonica SA, Spain’s largest telephone company, in 2000. He is a shareholder in several media and entertainment companies, including SBS Nederland.

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