L’Oréal's Makeup Genius App: The Cosmetics Counter Goes Digital

L'Oréal makes a digital cosmetics counter—and an endless supply of testers—for your smartphone
A combo of darker lipstick, eyeliner, and eye shadow. It’s a bit much Photograph by Andrew Musson

Aryanna Dudnat, a beauty adviser at a Duane Reade in Midtown Manhattan, was hired to help women find new cosmetics. Instead, she often cleans up after customers. “Every day, I come in and find that people have unwrapped products,” she says. She doesn’t blame them. “We don’t carry testers, and buying makeup without trying it is risky.” The art of purchasing drugstore cosmetics is wildly imperfect, verging on absurd—you’re expected to choose a foundation by comparing the color of the bottle to the color of your arm and to spend $10 on a lipstick after holding it next to your face in front of a tiny mirror.

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